Excellence in their respective fields of expertise has been the guiding principle in assembling the Symbionica team. The high number of challenges dealing with the product design, the process design as well as the Symbionica solution development motivates the large consortium constituted by 12 players from different Countries.
The following list maps the project partners towards the aforementioned families of activities:


  • Sintea italy
  • OttobockDE
  • MedactaCH
  • Univ. of SheffieldUK


  • Iris italy
  • SupsiCH


  • SupsiCH
  • GloboticsCH
  • IridaGR
  • FramosDE
  • Prima Industrieitaly
  • Opi Photonicsitaly
European Partners
  • SME
  • LE
  • RTD
Different countries
  • IT
  • CH
  • DE
  • GR
  • UK

The RTD partners have been selected on the basis of their strong expertise in the project related topics. They have a wide experience in topics related to cutting-edge design techniques for complex shape structural products, development and integration of advanced AM and ablation technologies and engineering of new highly automated production solutions from the configuration to the optimization, the automation and control, also testified by the number of national and international projects successfully executed as leaders and participants. They also count a wide number of professional relationships with the industrial landscape of their countries as well as an active role in the European Initiatives within EFFRA (especially the AM Platform and Prosumer), ICT (especially Photonics21), NMP, EUREKA and IMS communities. The RTD partner involvement will constitute a solid backbone so to target new research outcomes and benchmarks in the high value added optoelectronics manufacturing.


The industrial partnership has been shaped in order to provide the right level of expertise and skills needed to achieve and exploit Symbionica challenging results. Clear roles in the project have been defined in order to leave no gap and no overlap in  the consortium. To guarantee the wider industrial impact the most effective and dynamic photonic supply chain has been involved: on the product side (Ottobock, Sintea, Medacta, University of Sheffield) and a big integrator of Symbionica Machine (PI) and a number of manufacturing equipment providers from the robotic solution to the automation system (Globotics), laser source module and process (IRIS, OPI, TXDE) and the vision and sensing systems (Irida, Framos).


Symbionica consortium involves a key contribution from Switzerland on two specific aspects in which this Country represents the excellence worldwide: the ultra-precision machinery and the medtech sectors. The ultra-precision machinery industries are responsible for 9.2% of Swiss added value and account for 35% of all goods exports. The Swiss chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry exhibits rapid and significant development in specialties. Swiss companies have established a worldwide presence and are often market leaders. Swiss partners contributing to the Symbionica project solution with their unique competences are:

  • SUPSI: RTD partner with a very strong expertise in the field of Robotics and Ultra precision Machinery Design and Control, Structural and functional analysis of complex shape products and a long and successful track of participation in European and national projects (testified by the EU and National Projects listed in Section 1 and the partner profile in Section 4), and also partner in other projects of some industrial project members.
  • Globotics: SME company operating in the development of non-standard robotic solutions, mostly reconfigurable P&P anthropomorphic robots and PKMs as well as high precision equipment; active in close partnership with SUPSI.
  • Medacta: LE medtech company developing cutting edge prosthesis solutions which are committed by key medtech industries worldwide, also in very good relationship with SUPSI and other project partners.