Framos was founded 1981 and has developed as a European wide specialist for imaging technology. FRAMOS task is the development, support, and sales of sensor technology. The company currently employs about 40 employees of which 8 focus mainly on hardware development and system integration. FRAMOS mainly offers its products and services to medium or large scale enterprises in the European market, develops, and sells sensor technologies and peripherals to German companies like Siemens, Bosch, or Basler and to companies across Europe. Since the beginning FRAMOS focuses on the development on FPGA based sensor platforms which enables on board processing for pre- and post-imaging algorithms. Therefore, regarding this research project proposal, FRAMOS has a very strong background in developing and integrating FPGA based sensor hardware and corresponding software which can serve as a basic hardware platform for the project.

FRAMOS has a long term experience in the development of efficient and innovative range of different types of image sensors, cameras, optics, lighting, cables and image acquisition components. The company is fully responsible of the vision systems realization whose development is completely customized on the production requirements from the design to the support service during utilization. This enabled the establishment of a number of long-term partnerships with numerous highly regarded manufacturers.