International TechneGroup has been active in the engineering analysis software market for over 35 years. Our CADfix® tool is a world class leader in the field of complex geometry preparation for downstream re-use, with particular focus on applications in manufacturing and engineering analysis.

CADfix is deployed globally by many of the world’s leading engineering companies including: AIRBUS, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Ford, BAE Systems and NASA. CADfix has benefited from close collaboration with researchers from leading universities in the field of computational geometry, including: Cambridge University Computer Lab, Carnegie-Mellon, Queens University Belfast and Cardiff University. With today’s ever increasing dependence on a 3D digital product definition CADfix is seeing 3D geometry processing issues becoming increasingly the weak link. With direct input from cutting edge industrial users and access to some of the latest academic research, CADfix’s mission is to develop and deliver game-changing breakthroughs in 3D geometry processing.