IRIDA Labs is a platform-independent leading technology provider of software and silicon IPs for Embedded Computer Vision. The company possesses significant knowledge in analysis, modeling, design and development of high-fidelity reference components and systems in Computer Vision, using state of the art FPGA and DSP technologies. Founded in late 2007, IRIDA Labs is a privately-held company with headquarters in Patras, Greece and worldwide sales support, backed by VC and private investor. Our product portfolio includes embedded vision software and silicon IP for high throughput applications such as video stabilization with rolling shutter correction, face detection and recognition, object/pattern detection and recognition, low-light image/video enhancement, pedestrian detection and car plate detection and recognition, addressing various markets ranging from consumer electronics to mobile devices and automotive markets. The company has already released a portfolio of Computer Vision IP cores, which are now available at the D&R IP sales network.

The company is actively involved in the execution and management of R&D National and EU-funded projects, primarily in the ICT domain. In addition, it is a member of the Corallia Clusters Initiative and the Hellenic Association of Semiconductor Industries (ENEBH), and is currently working for large European organizations like ESA (European Space Agency) and EDA (European Defense Agency).