Medacta International S.A is a family-owned company created in 2000 and established in Castel san Pietro (Ticino) developing, manufacturing and distributing orthopaedic and neurosurgical medical devices worldwide. Responsible product innovation and best-in-class medical education are key to the company’s success. The core strengths are the orthopaedic implants for hip, knee and spine as well as equipment enabling anterior minimal invasive surgical implantation (AMIS) and patient matched technologies (MyHip, My-Knee and MySpine). The company’s size (440 Employees and 164’400’000 USD turnover in 2013) is still modest versus the worldwide giants of orthopaedics, however their presence is global with sales offices in USA, Japan, Australia as well in most European countries. This high activity results in an impressive growth in turnover: 30 % average per year.

Medacta has internally developed Computer Assisted Surgery Technology: Knee navigation System, Computer Assisted Preoperative Planning for Hip, Knee, Spine and Patient Specific Implants and InstrumentsPatient specific instruments and implants are manufactured using both traditional manufacturing process and additive manufacturing technology.