OPI Photonics (www.opiphotonics.com/) is a small limited liability Italian company incorporated at the end of 2012; it has the mission to develop custom solutions in response to specific needs of the high-power laser source manufacturers both for industrial and biomedical applications.

Despite having been recently founded, OPI can count on the solid background of its founders and collaborators and on the close relationship with the “Optical Fiber and Components” group at Politecnico di Torino, one of Italy’s most prestigious technical universities.

OPI is currently involved into the development of: new package architectures for beam combination of high power diode laser chips, aiming at better efficiency, improved thermal management and easier manufacturing, innovative high power fiber laser (continuous and pulsed wave), high performance laser beam delivery and high power free-space optical systems.

OPI is a very young company whose employees have a very strong expertise in the development of: hybrid high power diodes, innovative fiber sensors; high power fiber laser; design and characterization of integrated optical devices.