Ottobock is a leading global supplier of innovative products for people with limited mobility. The company is divided into the strategic business segments: exo-prosthetics, orthotics, mobility solutions, neurorehabilitation and medical care. In exo-prosthetics, Ottobock is world market leader. As a commercial provider of medical devices, Ottobock has core competencies in production & processing, research & development, evaluation of orthopaedic devices with patients for clinical and commercial viability. Ottobock has about 6.500 employees and a network of worldwide 45 sales and service locations and export contacts to more than 140 countries in the world. The headquaters and the main research and development center are located in Duderstadt, Germany.

As a leading company in innovative, medical technologies, Ottobock has extensive experience in employing new technologies for product development and new production facilities. This comprises also the definition of requirements as well as the evaluation and benchmarking of new technologies. Additive manufacturing is a particularly interesting technology for its business, since many of its products include components that have to be individually tailored for the patient. For that reason, Ottobock has acquired considerable knowledge with current additive manufacturing solutions over the past years, also in collaboration with companies specialized in additive manufacturing.