Sintea Plustek srl is a SME company established in 1984 (as Sintea Compositi srl) operating in the field of medical devices design, production and marketing. Sintea Plustek staff includes researchers and engineers whose skills and experience are particularly focused on material science, advanced technologies, smart materials and structures, embedded micro sensors and actuators especially applied to orthopaedic and neurologic eso- and endo-prostheses, external fixation and supporting devices, as well as instrumentation. Sintea Plustek exploits a wide network of co-operations with universities, research centres and hospitals all over the world, devoted to the joint development, design, production, testing and application of innovative devices and instrument for orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery, all implementing innovative materials and advanced technologies. At present Sintea’s sales offices and production facilities are located near Milan and an important branch is located in Miami, USA.

Within SYMBIONICA research partnership, Sintea Plustek is going to play the role of developer, designer and end-user, thanks to its well-assessed skill and experience in design, development and production of implantable neurological and orthopaedic devices (endo-prostheses) characterized by special features, like high osteo-conductivity, high osteo-inductivity and surface functionalization, as well as external fixation and supporting devices (eso-prostheses) embedding sensors (fibre optics) and actuators (shape memory alloys and piezo-ceramics) to get smart, auto-adaptive and morphing capabilities.